Album: Passion For Bach And Coltrane

  1. 01 Dear John, Pt. 1_ Bach (Live)
  2. 02 Aria (Live)
  3. 03 Dear John, Pt. 2_ Coltrane (Live)
  4. 04 Psalm (Live)
  5. 05 Resolution (Live)
  6. 06 Out of Nazareth, Pt. 1 (Live)
  7. 07 Out of Nazareth, Pt. 2_ Manual for a Crucifixion (Live)
  8. 08 Variation 13 (Live)
  9. 09 Groovin’ Low (Live)
  10. 10 Among the Things I Must Have Known (Live)
  11. 11 Interlude (Live)
  12. 12 A Hug for Gonzalo (Live)
  13. 13 Acknowledgement (Live)
“This Christmas” features: Neal Smith; Drums, Lamont O’Neil; Vocals, Rick Germanson; Piano, Seth Lewis; Bass

Album: This Christmas

  1. O’ Christmas Tree
  2. I Have My love To Keep Me Warm
  3. Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland
  4. Christmas Time Is Here
  5. Silent Night
  6. Let It Snow
  7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  8. This Christmas
  9. Make Me A Present Of You
  10. The Christmas Song
“This Christmas” features: Neal Smith; Drums, Lamont O’Neil; Vocals, Rick Germanson; Piano, Seth Lewis; Bass

Album: Neal Smith Quintet: Live at Smalls

  1. The Cup Bearers
  2. Junior
  3. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  4. With Mallice Toward None
  5. A Portrait Of You
  6. Stew Peas
  7. Fifty-Six
“Neal Smith Quintet: Live At Smalls” features:Neal Smith; Drums, Steve Wilson; Alto & Soprano Sax, Eric Alexander; Tenor Sax, Mark Whitfield; Guitar, Mulgrew Miller; Piano, Dezron Douglas; Bass

Album: Swingin’ Is Believin’

  1. Reality Of The Hidden Truth
  2. Game Theory
  3. I Have The Feeling I’ve Been Here Before
  4. Salt Fish
  5. Twice More Once
  6. In The Cut
  7. Lord I Give Myself To You
  8. This Is For Albert
  9. Bop-Like
  10. Bonus Video: Braedon’s Blues
“Swingin’ Is Believin'” features:Neal Smith; Drums, Andrew Beals; Alto Sax, Mark Gross; Alto & Soprano Sax, Antonio Hart; Alto Sax, Abraham Burton; Tenor Sax, Vincent Gardner; Trombone, Richard Germanson; Piano, Michael Hawkins; Bass, Renato Thoms; Percussion

Album: Swingin’ Is Believin’

  1. Holy Land
  2. The Cup Bearers
  3. A Shade Of Jade
  4. Driftin’
  5. Jill’s Song
  6. Blues For Jackie
  7. Hindsight
  8. Search For Peace
  9. Bock To Bock
  10. Swingin’ Blues
“Some Of My Favorite Songs Are…” features:Neal Smith; Drums, Mark Whitfield; Guitar, Richard Germanson; Piano, Peter Washington; Bass

Other Albums Neal Has Appeared On:

2013 Charles Davis
2011 Cyrus Chestnut, Classical Interpretations (Venus)
2010 Neal Smith; This Christmas (NASMusic)
2010 Cyrus Chestnut Trio; Journeys (Jazz Legacy Productions)
2009 Cyrus Chestnut Trio “Hottest Live In Tokyo, Japan” (Eastwind Imports)
2009 Neal Smith; Neal Smith Quintet Live at Small’s (Smallslive)
2009 Seth Lewis; Time Signature
2008 Jackie Ryan; Doozy (Open Art Records)
2007 Cyrus Chestnut; Cyrus Plays Elvis (Koch)
2007 Sachiko Yasui; Enamorada (M & I Records)
2006 Joseph Friedman; Cup O’ Joe (NASMusic)
2006 Andrew Beals; Gravy Train (NASMusic)
2005 Cyrus Chestnut; Geniune Chestnut (Telarc)
2004 Neal Smith; Swingin’ Is Believin’ (NASMusic)
2004 Neal Smith; Some Of My Favorite Songs Are… (NASMusic)
2003 Cyrus Chestnut; You Are My Sunshine (Warner Bros.)
2003 Brian Lynch; 24/7 (Nagel Heyer Records)
2002 Ann Hampton Callaway; Signature (Shanachie Records)
2000 Kengo Nakamura; Divine (Universal)
1999 Roy Meriwether; This One’s On Me (Farenheit Records)